About Pikchats

Pikchats story messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows user to send messages without having to pay for content message. Pikchats is available for iPhone and Android. Any Android or iPhone user can download Pikchats app for free from app store or the Pikchats website (www.pikchats.com) and send messages to any friends who are connected with Pikchats. Pikchats supports all messaging in rich media including images (photos or graphics), video, audio and text content.

In addition to multi-media messaging Pikchats users can search friends and add in their friends to their contact list.

Looking for a new and engaging way to interact with your friends? Use Pikchats to create rich media experiences with pictures, text, audio/music, and videos for your friends to experience. Pikchats provides excellent features to chat with your friends in a completely unique format.

Why Pikchats?

  • Pikchats is a completely different concept which includes the basic concept of messaging and also the social media concept to allow a user to communicate in a much more comprehensive way than conventional messaging systems;
  • Pikchats allows users to find the friends with search option and add them into friends list. Once a friend accepts the request that user will be able to send messages to his friends in all text and multimedia formats as text, video, audio and images;
  • The unique and interesting concept of Pikchats is to send four types of messages in only one message which saves users time and also give them more features to communicate with;